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machine-1palletiging machine

Product Name : Palletizing Machine Description : We are a reckoned manufacturer of superior quality Dana Machine which is used for mixing homogeneous raw material with pigment/ master-batch for the material enhancement. These machines are used for pulverization which leads to an even-shaped and enhanced product in palletized form. In addition to the standard range, we offer our clients choice of dimensions and grades. automatic tube cutting machine Product Name : Automatic tube cutting machine Description of tube cutting The automatic tube cutting machine is applied for cutting thin tubes, furniture tubes and motion equipment tubes with high efficiency. Characteristic: 1. The cutting feed is stable with longer usage life of the cutter 2. Special design, for heavy type cutting with multi-gear driving, stable precision 3. Tthe feeding system is designed carefully, feeding length is setted at 6-640m/mz( three feedings) 4. With PLC control device, no connection point, simple maintenance 5. Stop automatically when there is no material 6. Solid structure of the machine with small vibration and longer uasge life 7. The coolant cycles automatically to ensure be smooth of the workpiece 8. The shavings can be disposed assembly with simple maintenance    

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